Get The Very Last Drop Of Ink From Your Cartridge

Save Printer Ink Costs

Imagine this scenario. It’s two o’clock in the morning and you’ve just finished that report for the office, or your kid’s school project, and you’ve got to print it out before you can catch what little sleep remains that night. You tell the computer to print, but it moans, saying your printer is out of ink.

Uh-oh, what are you going to do now? The stores are all closed… However, you could try a few of these tricks first.

Fool The Sensors

First, open up your printer’s control panel on the computer and see which cartridge is reporting that it’s out of ink. Now that you know where the culprit lies, open the printer and remove the cartridge. Give it a few vigorous shakes and replace it. See if you can print now. If that didn’t work, then remove the cartridge and place some clear sellotape over the copper or gold contact points and replace it. This will usually fool the computer and printer into letting you finish the job.

In most cases, when a printer reports that it is out of ink, that is not the case. It’s just running low. Most major printer manufacturers don’t get their money from printer sales, instead; it’s the proprietary ink cartridges that rake in the cash. If you have just a little bit less ink reported in that cartridge, you buy more, right?

Grab The Hairdryer

So what happens if you’ve done this and it still reports out of ink? Or what if you’ve done the tape trick before and forgotten about it, letting the cartridge finally run dry? That’s an easy fix too. Take the offending cartridge out and run a hairdryer over it for a few minutes until the cartridge is warm to the touch. Then while it is still warm, quickly put it back into the printer and start the printing job. The heat thins out the ink slightly, allowing it to flow down the sides of the cartridge as well as remove any thick, dried ink from the nozzle.

And Finally

Write yourself a Post-it that says “GET PRINTER INK FROM COLORHUB!” and put it on your bathroom mirror. This trick will only work once, because you really are out of ink…

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